Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wartime Lifestyle

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Anonymous said...

Sweet bookend to your sermon Sunday ( ).

As I've been considering your sermon and after listening to J.P. the thought I come back to is this:
How do I transform my mind and heart around the fact that I'm "wealthy enough" in Christ to be free and generous with all that I have been given?

I was fascinated by a CNBC show about millionaires the other day where a gentlemen who "had it all" was not satisfied with what he'd accumulated but he did have in his mind a value that would satisfy him. Theoretically, when that point was reached he would strive no more.

The same is true of the gambler who risks a dollar for a chance at a million who says it would change how generous he would be for the rest of his life. The thing is, I've seen more generous people who have nothing but the shirt on their back to give. They're not waiting for tomorrow - they're living a victoriously generous life today.

For me personally, a key issue is living each day "ready and prepared " to be generous with God's bounty to me(spiritually or monetarily). It's not about waiting for tomorrow, it's not about waiting for some financial security in life, it's not about waiting until all my comfort and natural desires are fulfilled. Yet, I struggle everyday and I am unprepared for those moments when I am able to be generous - seeking instead my own security or comfort. I am in the fight, but I am certainly not victorious in my own abilities, so keep teaching and reminding those in your care about who is victorious.