Monday, March 24, 2008

Yo Joe!

Yeah this makes me excited. It could be great or it could really be a HUGE let down. The pictures of Snake Eyes look spot on.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

thoughts on the resurrection and "the scene"

Thanks for frequenting my blog - the two of you (I know if I would only write more). I have been meaning to write about a great many things, one being how I felt when I saw the new Indiana Jones movie trailer (AH-MAZE-ZING). But, maybe that is better for some other post.

On the Resurrection
I have been thinking about the Resurrection - it being the evening before Easter (the Sunday when we celebrate the blessed resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ). A news woman said that this is a very religious time for the Christian calendar. I found it odd, in my Christian mind, that she said it this way. I suppose for those outside of the Faith, this is just another day. No different than say some day in August. For us, though we celebrate the hope of one day we too shall join our King in the resurrection of the dead, and those in Christ shall rise. The resurrection is still hotly debated, however. I saw briefly a "History" Channel documentary on "the real Jesus", (they like to run these around this time of the year). They throw out these sweeping statements like, "scholars are now saying that Jesus may never this or that..." Or they say, "new evidence let's us uncover the real meaning of the Gospels." The best to me is that they always want to claim the Gospels were written 40+ years after the death and resurrection. Which most scholars who are worth their weight will tell us that the Gospels were written down no more than 10 years after the events took place. Plus you have Paul's writings. I find my faith strengthened around this time of the year. And it never comes from a "History" Channel documentary.

About the Scene

I helped with a "show" tonight. Punk and hardcore screamo bands mixing it up at Insanity Skate Park. I am not really into the "scene" (the music/lifestyle scene). I mean I don't dress like a scene kid. My hair isn't long and styled girlish. I respect some aspects of the scene. It really is a longing for community. Community that is substantial to some because there is shared experience. But to be honest some aspects of the hardcore music scene and even the Christian hardcore scene is left wanting.
Tonight when some of the brothers shared their love for Jesus, some - if not most - were out right mocking, not just them but the name of Jesus. Saying to one another in a sing song preacherly tone "JEE-ZUS!" On one hand I was upset and on the other I was excited. Upset, because young men and women were mocking the Lord that some of them profess at times of convenience. Excited because lost sinners were hearing the name of Jesus. Even though they were talking over the lead singers and being all showy in their disdain for "shout outs" to Jesus, they cannot come to the judgment and ask "why didn't my friends tell me about JESUS?"

The scene is very much an ego driven thing. And when you have bands who actually get that there is only one name that is to receive glory, honor and praise - there is going to be push back. It's interesting to me as a youth pastor to see young men in their late teens, early twenties who are traveling in a band and start out as "sold out" Christians, and then because of "road woes" leave their faith. With no Christian community besides the guys that you travel, eat, play, sleep, fight and hope for shows with there can be a vacuum that forms in their discipleship. It's understandable, but sad. This is another reason I get passionate about the local church and our involvement there in. I mean, some Christians starve themselves from being in the body of Christ. No fellowship, accountability (which is not a bad word), and no corporate worship tends to shrivel up the life of the fruit that we are to bear. I have had friends who have been in bands and this is the thing that most of them struggle with. They tend to become either inflated (ego) or they become jaded and give up. I wonder how the church is caring for these Road Warriors. Are we using them for their product? Consuming them and making them quasi-rock stars or are we caring for them and calling them to abide in Jesus? For the scene kids that crave belonging - look to Jesus.

The scene is not lacking in shepherds - it's just too bad that it's not always the Good Shepherd.

I guess what I am feeling about these young people is like what Jesus felt in His last week when came into Jerusalem and he saw the people who were like sheep without a shepherd and he wept. So for the scene kids and "rock stars" - I weep. For those guys and gals who are out there "standing firm" - my hope is that they will stay strong and encouraged in the faith. May Jesus make Himself known.