Saturday, October 28, 2006


So we are moving to Texas. Come this time next week I will be hanging my hat in the Lone Star state. Some people are like - Wha?!?

Well, as the story goes...
We have been struggling with direction for about a month now. Things fell through with my Mom. We have been looking for jobs and have hit the wall. We are looking for jobs in our related field but nothing worked out. Then the relationship with my Mom deteriated and we could not help her. She needs tons of help but it seems like we are more of a burden than helpful.

Our friends Erin and Lewis offered for us to come and stay at their house and they would help us find jobs. We could be useful at their church and also Irving is looking for teachers. So, we prayed and deliberated and prayed and discussed and sought counsel and prayed. The open door was staring down at us and we stood around and wondered if God was doing something else. Surely not Texas. I mean last year it was Boston. Then this year Tennessee. And now He wants us to move to Texas? At first we thought why not go back to Boston. We could do it again. And then we reconsidered. It was such a hard road for us. And this soon it would be even harder. Our finances are not in ship shape and most importantly we feel as if the door is closed on that mission in our lives right now. I don't know. It's like we are getting a big stop sign about heading back to Boston at this time.
Why not stay put?
Well, we have prayed through that. There are many reasons to stay. My sister and her kids live across the parking lot. We love the church we have been attending. We have friends here. We love the mountains. The thing is, we can't stay when we believe God is moving us. Jobs were just not right for us here and we believe the reason we came here was to help my Mom. This has been closed to us. We have tried to be helpful but we can't help someone who doesn't want our help. So we have been given the permission and the peace to move on.

We considered Mississippi, with Kimberly's folks. We just did not see a jobs really coming to fruition there. They live out in the woods and it is a bit counterproductive to getting solid jobs to pay off our debt. Driving an hour to Jackson is not cost effective. So, Lewis and Erin offered to help and so we go to Texas. With new hopes and dreams and low expectations. We just want to work.

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