Thursday, February 24, 2005

Boston. Boston? Boston.

Here I am supposed to be getting ready for a weekend retreat I am speaking at and once again I find myself drawn to what I can put off till later. I am not very good at typing. That is why I think I don't blog as much as I should. I don't do alot of things I should do. Like, take out the trash and generally help my wife out at home. I don't get the things done that I should get done first then have time to do things that are a little less meaningful. We are moving to Boston soon. In July, I think. I have never been to Boston but I hear it is a beautiful place. I know it will be a crowded place and I am a little frightened by that. I am not one for crowds or driving in big cities so who knows how this is going to go. But I believe this is where God is leading our family so I must go. We are going to start a collegiate church in Boston. I am excited and yet know that it is going to take hard work and sacrifice to accomplish our goals there. If anyone reads this and loves Jesus please pray for us.

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