Tuesday, January 11, 2005

2005...A Space Oddity

So 2005 rumbles in with a Tsunami and continued problems all over the globe. I think that everyone is happy that 2004 is over. Speaking of '04...

2004 "the year of Dynamite"
The brightest spots of 2004 had to be Napoleon Dynamite. In a summer of tired movies Napoleon Dynamite was worth the price of admission all three times. In a year that saw curse's lifted - (Red Sox Finally!) and ever increasing woes (the Cleveland Browns debacle). ND helped me get through. But enough about pulp culture.

Personally, the end of 2004 (August to December) was increasing time of self awareness and denial. From my grandmother's passing and the insuing family argument to the revelation of a life lived in guilt and shame. All in all, I think 2005 can only be better. I wish now that I was a better writer. I wish that I was able to put down my life so that people could read it and grow. Or at least I could read it and move on.

Grandma Metz was a wonderful woman. She was funny and articulate. She wrote many poems and helped keep the family abreast on gossip. She had a private faith and a loving tenderness. And yet at times she had a wicked tongue. I was given the privaledge to preach her funeral. Talk about hard to do. It was a pleasure however in helping my family move on from Grandma's departure. She had cancer and was ready my Dad had said. I believe my grandma lived a full life raising 6 children and mourning the loss of one. She lives on in our memories and our thoughts.

Kimberly and I have the opportunity to possibly serve in Boston. Please pray for us about that. I'll be updating here more regularly.

Peace Out

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