Thursday, May 27, 2004


What is it about getting up early in the morning that I loathe? Of the few times I can remember rising early to start the day I have had a great day. A day full of things and this is even before noon. Why then do I find it difficult to rise early and take care of things? Morning time as a child seemed so laborous. The early awakening before dawn, cold Ohio mornings with no sun, always made me feel depressed. Taking care of chores, and getting ready for school seemed tedious considering it was a daily routine. Over and over, morning after morning the same thing. Was there no end to the dreadful school year and it's cold early morns? The only bright spot of waking that early was to catch the only goodness in day that has already started mad, namely cartoons. What is it about cartoons that makes a kid believe and need it's story? I know for me it was the escape, the refreshing I needed to start my day. A moral lesson from GI Joe because knowing is half the battle and a vibrant battle between Autobots and Decepticons, helped get me to the bus. No longer was I thinking about the snow, sitting in third grade math or the chores I just did. I was part of the story. I was involved. Who would win between Cobra and the Joes next time? Sometimes I wish the real terrorists would wear insignias and scream "Cobra!" right before they attacked. Ah to be a kid in the 80's- it was refreshing. And now as an adult I find refreshment in another story. The story that is being lived out even now. The epic of my life with Jesus. How He is my hero. How he is changing me, and engaging me in the battle for this world. Bring on the enemy, I say. Knowing Jesus is half the battle.

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