Monday, October 18, 2010


That is the question. Life has been coming at me at a hundred miles an hour. As my wife and I have taken in two little girls to care for them as our own. I have discovered how selfish and lazy I have been. My wife is amazing. She has rolled with being a Mom like it was in her from birth. It's like second nature to her to take care of these little girls. I am, however struggling to find balance between my walk with God, my job as a youth pastor and being a husband and a new dad.

So here I am thinking, "How can I blog about this? - or "why should I blog about this?"

I feel sometimes that the people who actually read my blog are people I am in conversation with. So, why write about stuff I talk to them about? I think I need a theme or something to create some unity and purpose to write. Just writing about me and my experience seems prideful and self-indulgent. I mean, I have several things that I am interested in but none that I feel worthy enough to write about. How do I serve others by writing a blog? Better yet, how can I glorify God and enjoy Him by writing a blog? Am I just adding to the noise? There are already so many good blogs out there. Why add to the clutter? And besides, who really wants to read commentary from a broken down, ordinary youth pastor, foster dad, lover of Jesus who likes movies and football? I don't know why I even wrote this post.

Thanks for reading.


dga said...

As someone who also struggles to write about things that I already share with my friends, who are the only ones who read my blog, I feel ya.

Write because - it's good to write, it's cathartic, it's expressive, it's reflective, it's a relatively permanent link to our thoughts, and because it's fun for me to find out that you have recently blogged.

Your thoughts expressed here are worth reading (at least to me) so in my selfishness I hope you continue the biannual tradition.

Art said...

I also struggle with the balance of the things you're talking about. I'm not sure which is harder anymore... being a husband, being a dad, or being a missionary raising support. It's good to hear I'm not the only one with these challenges.

smplcv said...

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