Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mission Project: Jacksonville Day Two

Guest Blogger: Kimberly Metz

Well, it's the end of our 2nd day here. It was an eventful day. We got up early to eat breakfast and then headed out to clean up the neighborhood. The girls and I were on garbage duty and the boys were on lawn duty. The boy's weed-whacked, mowed and cleaned up the yard(s) around the house we are staying in. They worked and sweated for hours. We (the girls) went to a park that was close by to clean up. Then we started walking down the road to pick up trash. We met a lady yesterday who told us about some trash around her house that she wanted us to pick up, so we went there. That was quite an adventure! It included used cat litter, dirty diapers, thousands of maggots, large red ants eating those maggots, spiders, roaches, and one loan cricket. Gross! But the girls were real troopers. They dug in (literally) and we got the job done. What I have seen over and over with these teenagers is that all we have to do is give them an opportunity to serve or work and they just run with it. I am so impressed with them. I can say that because it has nothing to do with me, it is who they are. We had free time tonight and the girls and I went to Wal-Mart (of course). The boys played Frisbee in the street (it's okay, they do that here) and spades. After the girls got back from Wal-Mart, we walked through the neighborhood with some of the kids we met yesterday. I thought of when we arrived on Sunday, and this place seemed so foreign and scary. Now, there are faces that are familiar, street names we recognize, and have already begun to love it! Jessie ended up getting her hair braided by one of the girls from the neighborhood, and Bekah fed ice cream to a little 2 year old boy who wouldn't say a word, but had amazing eyes and could light up the room with his smile when we tickled him. He fell asleep in Jamie's arms who didn't want him to go home. What a great day. God is at work here. How 'bout them Celtics!!

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danton said...

Nice to see the Guest Blogger.

Hubert misses you guys.