Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Browns and Hope

This past summer I got to go to Ohio. I saw the Indians get beat by the Tigers and then the next day a dream came true. I have been a Cleveland Sports fan for as long as I can remember. Particularly I am a Browns fan. We are hard to come by in Alabama, which I now call home. The dream was going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame with my Dad and then to Browns training camp. I have been to the HoF before and it is pretty cool. But there is something about seeing the team that you grew up cheering for, the colors, the logos on everyone and everything. There was a sense of belonging. There was the feeling that I wasn't that crazy - rooting for a team that hasn't played for a championship in over five decades leaves you with thoughts that you ought to be locked up. We aren't supposed to be 8-5 this season with the potential to go 11-5. It is kinda scary. It's like that wonderful terrifying experience of being on the roller coaster and climbing to the top of the hill - you are not sure which way this could end up - in the Lake or a thrilling, screaming, ride o' death.

Being a Browns fan has taught me a great deal about the spiritual disciplines. I truly believe that. God is growing His Fruit in me through patience, faithfulness and self-control. Patience to stay with them through the lean years and the non-existing years. Faithfulness to not be dragged away by other charming suitors (Colts, Packers, Jaguars). And self-control by not punching or cussing when they lose big.

I am a Browns fan and I have hope. I hope that we win Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that being a Browns fan also teaches Humility!

And I'm sure that the hope of of Browns fan is not as assured as the hope of a disciple of Christ. As a Packer backer I recognize that one of these is a guranteed hope and the other is folly (curse you Bears!).