Friday, June 22, 2007


I am a consumer. I consume things. I am not much of an artist, a creator, or whatever. I mean I have some creativity. I like to think that I can draw or create some poetry or write but when it comes down to it, I consume. I eat movies. I swallow up music. I buy books and sometimes glance at them on my IKEA bookshelves. I want to make time to give back. I want to write heavy, weighty, and intelligent things, I do. The problem is that I usually just write about internal struggles and the dilemmas I have. Like now, this little observation of myself being frustrated with being a consumer. I think some of it comes from being slothful. My head is full of so many things I want to do. Things in youth ministry and things with the church. Things with my wife and many things that I want to have time to do myself. I get so busy thinking about these things that often times I lock up and don't do anything. It's like I can't focus my mind on tasks and therefore I keep getting frustrated because I don't accomplish the things I want to get done. It's weird. I know, it sounds like I need meds. I don't think I do, I just gotta get things done. Speaking of getting things done, I have to finish watching this movie.

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