Wednesday, September 01, 2004

keeping it real

So I haven't written on the blog in quite some time. Well, perhaps that will change. I don't think anyone reads this beast anyway so... But it would be great to have some questions and answers. I'll start. How can Christians be liberal in social issues such as abortion, welfare and gay marriage?

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nero's horse said...

since I do read this blog, and since you's my 2 cents:

liberal is a nasty word because of it's implications. Jesus loved where others judged. but he did not excuse the bad. i think we need to love as we've been loved. Christians are supposed to minister, or meet the needs of people who have needs. the problem with these "social issues" is that they aren't social issues, they're moral issues and Jesus never bent on real morality. i'm not talking about the religious morality i'm talking about the deep separation from God morality that we're all guilty of ignoring. i can't support anyone on these issues. i will give loving advice if asked, i will help them to find resources or even Christians who have been through similar struggles. i will not bar them from entering my church because it's God's church and not a country club, i will not stand at the pulpit and say they're doomed because of they're gay, or they've had an abortion, we're doomed only if we don't see and accept God's gift of grace.